Our method

With our innovative tasting stations, we are able to reduce the presence of oxygen to preserve the peak condition of our wines.
At Tastings, you can enjoy a glass of award-winning wine and be confident that it is being served in its prime. You can also be adventurous and sample wines you have been longing to try but were hesitant to purchase by the bottle.

Read the brief descriptions of the wines at our tasting stations, noting the varietal, aromas and flavors the winemaker feels you will experience.

When you find a wine that intrigues you, use your Tastings Card to pour yourself a taste. Our wine hosts will also be happy to help you with your selection.

Use our note cards to write your impressions of each taste. When you find a wine you love, we will help you purchase a bottle to open here at Tastings, or take with you to enjoy at home.